July 16 2013

Forever South Friday’s Episode 5 round up


July 2 2013

Forever South Friday’s Episode 3 round up


June 27 2013

Forever South Friday’s Episode 2 round up

FXS.F2June 17 2013

Forever South Friday’s Episode 1 round up


May 24 2013

Treehouse album “Past Athena Court” released

May 22 2013



April 5 2013

HYPE! event in Karachi on the 27th of April featuring the likes of Dynoman, Dreadnaught, Toll Crane, Alien Panda Jury, Jhumra, and EMPROR LEPHANT

FXS-HYPE - Cover photo

April 4 2013


Dynoman Dummy Mag Mix released with Q and A session 

read the article here

March 24 2013

Jhumra Kraken Released 

March 22 2013

Dreadnaught Mix 01 Released

Dynoman announces title for new EP “Travels to Janaika”

March 21 2013

Show 2 date 27th April 2013

March 20 2013

Show 2 Announced for end of April

March 15 2013

Toll Crane album Pink Passport released!

March 7 2013

New Artist Jhumra revealed. Plans for next show announced

Jhumra Kraken (8)

March 5 2013

Dynoman Podcast for Forever South Released

March 3 2013

Alien Panda Jury $ EMPROR LEPHANT video for song “Atmo” released

March 2 2013

Alen Panda Jury Podcast for Forever South Released

February 12 2013

Compilation Volume 1 Released

February 5th 2013

Compilation Volume 1 Cover Released


February 3 2013

Treehouse “Ourhouse” Released on Soundcloud

February 2 2013

Forever South Compilation Volume 1 Announced

January 21 2013

Dreadnaught “Confrontation” Released

January 18 2013

Dynoman “Naubahar” Reviewed by The Mixtape

Ever had one of those days where you crash in during the previous night and wakeup right before sunrise? When everyone in the house is fast asleep and you’re tiptoeing around trying to figure out what to do.

If I’m lucky enough to have those moments the first thing I do is grab my music and head to the balcony. From the beautiful parrots popping their heads out from my garden trees to the cooing of koels, my senses tingle in every aspect. The slight whiff of raat ki raani mixed with the smell of dewy grass; I shut my eyes for a few minutes to take in everything. It’s sad that this serenity lasts for half an hour as everyone’s alarms start buzzing soon but recently I discovered someone who captured what I yearn to hold onto in his tunes, he calls himself DynoMan.
DynoMan is the stagename for Haamid Rahim, an electronic beatmaker who has finally started getting exposure. Being one of the main names inForever South(whom I have mentioned in a previous post :http://tinyurl.com/b9s93h6) his style can only be given justice if one listens to his work. Now I don’t know if a lot of artists do this but he literally breaks up conversations, speeches and the small sounds you hear around you to create new tracks; one minute you’d hear waves crashing, dhols and the next khattak comes up! Usually people add a glimpse of their inspiration in the lyrics and tunes of their songs but this guy manages to add the exact atmosphere he wants us to feel in each and every produced track.
Carl Sagan once said “imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere”. A simple track by track review of his album “Naubahar” will show you all how talented a human being can be, how passion and love can create something so beautiful. All of the artists I’ve been hearing about and discovering in our city have a spark, whether they produce a lot or little there is always something to remember them by which is their originality. His music makes me think of home, my beautiful Karachi, my serene private mornings and most of all the inner happiness always ready to burst out.
With all the chaos and unnerving uncertainty in the country it’s a blessing to have artists like this produce music that takes one away from the sad realities we’re facing. Whether you do not like this certain genre of music I still ask you to acknowledge and praise the amount of effort and love he put into each and every track because without doubt that stands out more than anything else. – Afs

I leave you with a track by track review of his album “Naubahar”
1) New Beginnings – quite an eerie opener with a little something extra at the end.
2) SideBeat Street – with hints of vocals & the midtempo feel I’d say this is a pretty good intro.
3) Kiran – this was the track that made me fall in LOVE with the entire album. Literally it took one song for me to get hooked. I really love how he broke down the vocals in this
4) Bang Bang Bang – remember when I mentioned Khattak? You’ll get what I mean when you hear this one.
5) Escape – 3rd favorite of mine, a perfect track to listen to while driving or studying. It’s at the middle of this where you really start enjoying the vibe and also get a little oldschool feel..listen carefully and you’ll notice it aswell!).
6) Naubahar – the very first track I ever heard from him..If this doesn’t make you feel happy I don’t know what will. It’s also a favorite amongst his listeners.
7) Imaginary Parrots Cheebay – my 2nd favorite track from the album. This is an absolute pleasure listening to and a hidden treasure as I realized he added a snippet of a really cool lecture you should listen to (check it out here http://tinyurl.com/d627k7p )
8) Rustom – Really psychedelic one, as if you’re in a dream with videogame tunes in the background
9) Breezing – another pretty one to chill to
10) Lathi Charge – the one track on the album which I’ve listened to the least..probably because I like the rest way too much.I also sensed a slightly darker vibe in this one.
11) Mugen – another fan favorite!
12) Sand Grove – I wonder what inspired this one, In my opinion it’s more of an opener for the last track
13) Sultans Money Bag$ – if you’re ever frustrated or want to let off some steam I can imagine this song in the background haha( I know my brains a weird place to be..but it’s so much fun trust me!)
14) 15) 16) three remixes by Tipu Sabzawaar which are worth listening to..especially the one of Kiran

Words: The Mixtape

January 17 2013

New Artist “Treehouse” Added and Video for single “Ourhouse” Released Visual Courtesy Monogon

January 5 2013


January 1 2013

Dynoman “City Session” Video by CityFM89 Released

December 17 2013

Dynoman Track “FRNGA 4 UR QTR CHBY” released

December 16 2012

Dynoman interview with STERYO


December 13 2012

TMPST mix for Forever South Released

December 10 2012

New Artist “EMPROR LEPHANT” Added and Track “The Wise Won’t Run” Released

December 8 2012

Toll Crane Video For “Django Clouds” Released

December 6 2012

Toll Crane Track “Let’s Score” Released 

December 5 2012

New Artist “Chi.Boss” Added and Track “IslamabadVice” Released

November 28 2012

New Artist “Dreadnaught” Added and track “Worst to Last” Released

November 26 2012

Dynoman on Sirens Sound

November 23 2012

TMPST “Are You” Released

November 22 2012

Alien Panda Jury write up by Wild City

Alien Panda Jury Wild City Mix

November 21 2012

:: FXS :: -I– :: -H- :: — :: JAN :: 2013 :: 1- : 00

November 16 2012

Alien Panda Jury “The Slowfall” released

November 13 2012

Dynoman Wild City mix released

Emerging Pakistan : Forever South , Wild City write up on Forever South

November 11 2012

Rudoh “I Can’t Sleep” released

November 7 2012

Toll Crane “Hash n Bangers” released

November 6 2012

New artist “TMPST” announced and track “Sun Trails” released

November 3 2012

:: FXS :: —- :: — :: — :: JAN :: 2013 :: — : 00

October 23 2012

Forever South interview with Border Movement

If there’s something distinctly lacking in Pakistani indie/electronic music, it’s the presence of labels, promoters or clubs. It’s a vacuum that no one’s particularly tried to step up and fill – though economic and security circumstances in Pakistan would hardly seem conducive to it.

Last year, a collective made up of Karachi-based electronic musicians, Karachi Detour Rampage, put on one blistering live show and then ostensibly dissipated. Their dormancy created the void that allowed another collective to step up and assume responsibility.“The reason Forever South (FXS) formed was to expand the reach of the electronic/beat scene of Pakistan to a more wider, international audience. KDR stands for Karachi Detour Rampage and having Karachi in the name made it geared more locally to the Karachi scene,” argues Haamid Rahim (who records music under the moniker Dynoman), distancing himself from the city’s previous effort at a collective.

Rahim is one part of the brains behind Forever South – the other being Bilal Nasir Khan, who happens to be a drummer for Mole and releases electronic music as Rudoh. Forever South’s advent raised a few questions, primarily about the prudence of starting another collective when KDR had not officially been deemed dead in the water. Yet, in FXS’ defence, it does claim to be more than what KDR was or tried to be. Already, FXS has released Dynoman’s album‘Naubahar’, as well a multitude of singles from RudohToll CraneFriedi and Alien Panda Jury. Armed with a constant stream of releases, FXS seem determined to keep adding to their roster.

“The beat scene and experimental electronic scene in Pakistan is somewhat small so everyone knows each other. We are usually recommended artists by other artists and shoot them an email/ask them to send us tracks.” A big advantage of a welcoming collective of this nature is that new music and approaches are welcomed and exalted. This creates a culture where music isn’t made or proliferated on its ability to pack seats or bring legs to a dance floor. As Bilal notes, “the songs are beats that push boundaries and artists that aren’t afraid to experiment.” FXS seem hell-bent on ensuring a physical footprint as well: “We are trying very hard to have a show (Hopefully this December! Nothing confirmed yet) and hopefully many more shows in the future!”

Like KDR, FXS are blessed in that it’s run by two musicians who are very much embedded within Karachi’s electronic scene, and are therefore well aware of the concerns of local artists. But FXS don’t seem content with just focusing on performances in Karachi or Pakistan either, as Haamid states, “We would love to go on national tours and my partner [Bilal Nasir Khan] is based out of London so look out for that if anything happens there! I myself spent 5 months in NYC and made some good connections who would possibly have FXS over there as well.” Though more commercially viable artists are still able to play live, independent musicians in Pakistan face a considerable struggle in putting on worthwhile live shows. Even electronic musicians, who face far less logistical issues than four-piece bands, suffer. Nearly a whole generation of musicians has grown up now, not expecting to play live regularly or have the chance to do so.

In a way, it’s this cultural pilferage that FXS seem to want to address. Culture (and it’s modern, musical equivalent of a ‘scene’) can’t exist for long in a vacuum, nor can it grow without active communal involvement. But electronic music is not the only concern of Haamid and Bilal. Far from wrapping themselves with a cocoon of Karachi based electronic music, they seem intently aware of other independent music that Pakistan has to offer. “The electronic and music scene in Pakistan is amazing. We have a lot of beat makers up here in Karachi and hopefully some other all around the country as well. Our beat makers here keep creating beats and fresh sounds that amaze us. But aside from beat makers we have amazing sounds coming out of Pakistan! There are bands like Basheer and the Pied Pipers, Mole, and //Orangenoise constantly pushing the boundaries with sound design and effects. There are other artists in the genre of ambient and post rock like Asfandyar Khan and 6LA8 who too are making amazing sounds and modelling effects so brilliantly! So we have a whole bunch of awesomeness coming out of the scene!”

So far, FXS seem to be delivering on the music front. But more than trying to get some artists together under a single manner and release their music, FXS seem to want to ensure that live electronic music (aside from that of a more rave friendly persuasion) makes a return to Karachi and the country in general. It’s a grand objective, and one that, if pulled off, would have incredible rewards for FXS, for electronic music in Pakistan as a whole, and for all discerning listeners.

Words: Asfandyar Khan (Border Movement)

October 22 2012

Toll Crane “P.L.Z” released

October 17 2012

Toll Crane “Testarossa Cereal” released

October 10 2012

Alien Panda Jury “Warmth” released

October 9 2012

CityFM89 – First Listen: Dynoman – Naubahar

First Listen: Dynoman – Naubahar 

Since the past few years the Pakistani indie music scene has been making quite a diverse range of sounds. While this melting pot of unknown local obscurities consists of punk, folk, ambient and noisy ingredients one can see a clear up-rise in the electronica side of things.

Dynoman (Haamid Rahim) is a producer from Karachi who brings to the table a new air of digital bliss with his full-length album Naubahar released through Forever South which has taken under its wing some of the most notable new electronic acts from the Karachi region. This album is certainly an unexplored direction as Dynoman takes familiar sounds that you heard if you grew up in a house where your parents would indulge in old local classics, and combined it with the slickness of modern day producing. This record was made in NYC and finished in Lahore. Naubahar is certainly a breath of fresh air and a must listen as it lays the road further for the Pakistani indie music circuit. The trippy artwork for the album comes from illustrator Asma Javeri who has done album art for Dynoman and Talal Qureshi in the past.

Follow up on the artist here:
Dynoman on Facebook
Foreversouth on Facebook

Words CityFM89

October 4 2012

Dynoman “Naubahar” released

September 28 2012

Dynoman “Breezing” released

September 19 2012

Friedi “Plastic Flowers” released

September 13 2012

Rudoh “I Felt So High (Ft. Hannax Cox)” released

September 3 2012

Friedi “Candylike” released

August 28 2012

Toll Crane “Innerstates” released

August 25 2012

Dynoman “Escape” released

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